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At Crane Hire Melbourne we pride ourselves in our exceptional level of service. We have a real passion for the helping the worker, and approach things democratically. We are continuously promoting safety, and workers rights.  We have worked in large projects all around Victoria, and maintain a fantastic relationship with all of our customers.

We have all necessary licences for everything we do which abide by all law in Victoria.  We also welcome new potential recruits, such as those who wish for an apprenticeship or a career in the industry. We have a fundamental policy of safety, which is an intrinsic part of everything we do. All necessary staff are fully trained in lawful safety practices at Crane hire Melbourne.We offer cranes of all sizes, crane trucks, pilot vehicles, heavy haulage transportation vehicles. We are available 24-7 to offer support and answer any queries you may have.


crane hire melbourne

How to choose a Crane Hire Melbourne Service: A Definitive Guide

There are many crane hire services in and around Melbourne, but how do you decide which one of these will be suitable? There are several questions you need to have answered to make an informed decision. This will avoid any major issues down the line. If you ask these few questions they will give you a better idea on what will be suitable for your project.


It would be wise to look into how long the company has been in business, as this gives an indication of quality. Look at some reviews and comments about the company online in order decide if the reputation matches their experience.


Do they have what you need? It is a wise idea to find a company which has a wide selection of crane equipment, as it increases the chances that they have exactly what you need to accommodate for your construction project. Better to work to the project, than to work around a piece of equipment which isn’t quite suitable. This helps to avoid any nasty surprises down the line. Furthermore, if there is a mistake of some sort, it is easily rectified by efficiently replacing the equipment with something more suitable. If they have experts, they will advise you on exactly what you need.


What is their safety record? Ask for it. This is important, as a reputable company will more than likely have the policy of “safety first”. All crane operators will have a full licence for the piece of machinery they are operating as a legal requirement in Melbourne and Victoria. To put yourself at ease, it may be an idea to ask for evidence of this if unsure. For the crane you are considering to hire, its wise to look for the latest model, and consider age to minimise risk of an accident. Be sure to ask the provider for a servicing and maintenance record. Ensure you know the crane has been manufactured following safety standards. Do not compromise on the crane you need. A reputable supplier will not persuade you to get a crane if it compromises you project in any way.

Make you hire a reputable and fully licenced crane operator with the equipment who can operate in Melbourne Victoria. The laws are different in different states, so this is imperative. Do not operating it without a licence is highly illegal. This ensure the job is completed safety, and well by an expert. Again, a reputable company will provide this.

Check out this crane safety guide:


Get a quote in advance! This is a standard, stay clear from a companies that don’t provide this. A reputable company will not rip you off, but will provide you with a reasonable quote. If you receive a quiet for substantially less, ensure you know what you are getting before you go ahead with it. Because more than likely, you get what you pay for. Risky compromises can result in devastation. Crane accidents are not uncommon; it would be wise to do things by the book. Call crane hire Melbourne, and tell us if you have a price issue, or have been offered a quote of significant difference.